About Our Sponsor
St. Regis Community Council is a Non-profit 501C3 Organization that was incorporated in 1950.  Its main objective is to promote development of public projects and to assist in funding projects for the local community, such as the St. Regis Community Park & Mullan Square as well as the preservation and restoration of historical buildings sites and to promote national holidays. 

The St. Regis Community Council sponsors, or help sponsor, the following St. Regis Community events:
Easter Egg Hunt
Halloween Party
Scarecrow Contest
Christmas Lighting Mullan Square
Christmas Lighting Contest
Fourth of July Parade
Carnival and Blue Grass Festival
Logging Events
for graduating Senior from St. Regis High School 

Our community has a very nice building on US Highway 135 that is used by our organization and the St. Regis Visitor Center, which we help sponsor with the assistance of Travel Montana. Other organizations use the building for their meetings as well.